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Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, generating revenue and creating jobs in many countries, opening the world to new generations of travellers. However, the impacts of tourism, particularly at popular destinations, are not exclusively positive. One of the most worrying effects of poor tourism practices is their impact on the environment. As a result, the principles of sustainable tourism and responsible travel are drawing increasing attention around the world. 

Within the travel industry, the cruise industry is particularly reliant on an undisturbed natural environment as its key product. Protecting natural resources and making cruise operations within the marine environment truly sustainable are vital survival points for this industry. Like her sibling cruise fleets the Bhaya Classic and The Au Co, the Legend Halong deeply understands this point.

All Bhaya Legend Private Cruises apply sustainable practices and operate sewage treatment and waste management systems, as well as making efforts to address air pollution issues. Especially, all solid waste on our boats is classified and transferred to waste stations on land for treatment. All processes are strictly compliant with the relevant standards of authorities. 

Moreover, we believe the concept of “Sustainable Tourism” includes creating “Green life” daily routines and giving back to the community. Our team and crew members do their best to apply sustainable practices in all their daily routines, such as: limiting the use of plastic bags, avoiding unnecessary paper use, and conserving water. We also create and run training courses encouraging local people to adopt environmentally sustainable practices in daily life, and promote local businesses a way to giving back to the community.

“Travelling with Legend Halong is more than a journey; it’s a way of life!”

Be a part of the solution, join us in making Halong Bay a green destination and a happy community!

Contact us at pr@bhayagroup.com for further information on our action plan and partnership.